Stegbeskrivningar till utlärda danser


Här hittar du stegbeskrivningar till de danser vi har lärt ut genom åren. Senaste terminen ligger överst.


Är det något som har blivit tokigt i länkningen eller är det något annat som är knasigt, maila i så fall: linda@fallinline.se






Höstterminen 2018












Steg 1

Steg 2







Spilled whiskey


Love me like you

Adventure 45



Saturday night

Be happy now

I can't stop loving you


Thank god for the radio

Stand up and boogie

3 little monkeys

Hi-a-ma cha


101 Video

Hey Rosalie

Speak to the sky

Knockin' on wood


cut a rug

Hillbilly rock and roll

2 B Missing

Groovy love


Completely AB

Mamma Mia why me

West coast tulsa



Lipstick Powder and Paint

Rio de amor

Everybody swing

Flirtin' and Kissin


We only live once

Hej ho

Singalong song

Wants and needs



Lonely lady

An angel

Don't be a fool







Vårterminen 2018












Steg 1

Steg 2









Lonely drum

Good to be us


AB Blurred Lines

Little red book

Follow me

Where we've been

Kiss me honey

Dancing on the ceiling

Blurred Line

Baby I'm crazy video


Nimby EZ

Slapping leather

Rivers of Babylon

Don't be so shy


Mini Mariana

Never & Forever

Rockin' Rebel

Slow burn


Lonely drum b

A Complete change


No mercy


Pack up your little troubles

Strait talkin'

Angelinas cha

Celtic kittens

Down on your uppers


Sleepy eyes

Gordita linda


Out and in


Hola la

Feel like a fool






Höstterminen 2017












Steg 1

Steg 2







Lipstick, powder and paint

Live, laugh, love


Islands in the stream


Tall T

Reet Petite

Ryme or reason

Runaway June


Do little do

Smarter women

Moo Dee Blues

True believer


Dear future hubby


Another margarita



Ghost train


Fiesta cha cha

Solo Amor


Buy me a drink

Whole again

A la la la la long



DN Waltz

Badda boom badda bang

Doctor doctor

Wave on wave


Get down get funky

Tush Push

Call me

Burning love




Zjozzys Funk

Hold my heart







Vårterminen 2017












Steg 1

Steg 2







Cut a rug video

101 video

Mini Corazon diamante

Dock of the bay



Eating right, drinking bad

Wham Bam



Pop da booty video

1000 years

Patsy fagan

Way down we go


My blue tree

Waltz away

Stitch it up

Lonely green eyes



Mr So & So

Vegas Baby

The blues is alright


Come dance with me

2 hell and back video


Take me to the river


Saturday Night

The Picnic polka

Until the dawn

Chill Factor


4,5,6 Waltz

Blame it on the boogie

Black horse

Na Mara video




Midnight Waltz

Don't be so shy




Tiny Feelings

Divisadero Cha







Höstterminen 2016












Steg 1

Steg 2







California Freeze video


Ex's and Oh's

Cheap Thrills


Just Bobbie with an I

Black Coffee

Big blond & beautiful

Until the end


Snap to it

Dancing in the dark

Stop staring at my eyes

Save the day


Stop and drink

Fun push

So just dance dance

No mercy



Sex on the beach

Gypsy queen

Strip it down


Rita's Waltz

Irish stew

Rockin' Rebel

Fire in the rain


All together now



Knockdown video


Mini Mariana

Cowboy hustle

Ashtray on a motorcycle





California rain

Love me like you












Vårterminen 2016











Steg 1

Steg 2








Lindi Shuffle

Marys Jive




Sex on the beach

Hello Dolly

Like Coca-Cola in Hollywood




Red Hot Salsa

What do you mean



The locomotion

Fujiyama Mama

Celtic kitten



Good time


Booze Cruise



Cowgirl's Twist


When I need you



Just a minute

Wonderland waltz

A cuppa tea video



Stroll along cha cha

Ain't nothin you can do

Sugar Honey IT








Höstterminen 2015











Steg 1









Let's have fun





All in my head





Back in time

The angels cried




Got you too

Because of you




Please yourself

Gordita Linda




Honey I'm good

Good to be us




We only live once

Money lovin' valentine




Get down get funky










Vårteminen 2015











Steg 1









Little Geronimo

Off the road




Trouble with treble

I adore you




Smarter women

Cry to me




Primo Waltz

Sweet Darling




Triple mix

Dream Lover




Cry Cry Cry

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O




Uptown Funk EZ

Waltz for a sailorman YT




Baby Kisses

Freak Out









Höstterminen 2014











Steg 1









Hoot and Howl

That old time rock 'n' roll




Shattered Dreams

Honey Pot




Stupidville YT

Such a fool




Chuckle Chops Waltz

Cha Cha 4c





About Time




Saturday Night

Casanova Cowboy




Live Laugh Love

With open arms




Swing Baby Swing





Good Time Girls










Vårterminen 2014










Grundkurs/Steg 1

Steg 2/Steg 3









Just Bobbi (with an I) YT

Evergreen YT




Mini mariana YT

Blurred lines YT




Ghost train YT

Tango de Pasion YT




Go seven YT

Sarah Beth YT




Get down, get funky





Waltz away

No diggity blues




Quando when quando

The blues is alright




City Light

She believes









Höstterminen 2013











Steg 1

Steg 2

Steg 3







Cut a rug YT

Something in the water YT

Pontoon YT

Twinkle YT


101 YT

Dog river blues YT

Swing it again YT

Shiver YT


Brown eyed girl YT

Imeldas way YT

Better belive YT

Question of doubt YT


Mini Barrel YT

Just a little love YT

Not fair YT

Showstopper YT


Got you to YT

Blueberry Chill YT

Kreedom YT

Still love me tomorrow YT


Little red book YT

Why don't you call YT

Sleep YT

Leave you alone YT


First cha YT

In my arms cha cha cha YT

A' vow & a promise to you

Purple rain YT


Beat it YT

Primo waltz YT

Unmistakable YT

Bruises YT







Till toppen av sidan










Spring in line 2013










Darren Bailey:

Scott Blevins:




Swing it again YT

Humanised YT




High hopes

Twinkle YT




Trespassing YT

Never say never YT




Love like that

Booty chuck YT




Pontoon YT

Better belive YT









Till toppen av sidan










Vårterminen 2013











Fortsättning 1

Fortsättning 2








Looking good YT

Spend the night YT

Somebody like you YT

Darling YT


All good YT

Zumba YT

Through the fire YT

Thinking about you YT


Ten feet off the ground YT

If heaven YT

Free fallin' YT

Swing your chains YT


101 YT

Call me YT

Leave your mark YT

Stick like glue YT


Got you too YT

Back it up YT

His only need YT

Mercy YT


Smooth operator YT

Love is a word YT

Stuck YT

Every now and then YT


Chica boom boom YT

When i need you YT

Hairspray YT

Slippery YT


Stealing the beast YT

Caballero YT


Rhyme or reason YT





Take a breather YT





Celtic kittens YT







Till toppen av sidan










Höstterminen 2012












Fortsättning 1

Fortsättning 2







Cut a rug YT

Reet petite YT

Vertical expressions YT

Freak a little more YT

Tacata YT

Mini mariana YT

Whole again YT

Smooth soldier YT

Hi-a-ma-cha YT

Night nurse YT

101 YT

Fun push YT

We shall be free YT

Ding dang darn it YT

Viva la vida YT

First cha YT

All shook up YT

Cha cha tonight YT

Nice and slow YT


Live laugh love YT

The Picnic polka YT

Naughty Baby Lite

Naughty Baby YT

Be strong YT


Cruisin' YT

Open arms YT

Loving you YT

Greystone YT


Sweet sweet smile YT

Splish splash YT

Let it be YT

Break free cha YT


Don't you wish YT

Trick me YT


Larger than life YT






Till toppen av sidan










Spring in Line 2012










Darren Bailey:

Scott Blevins:




Bright lights YT

Cha cha tonight YT




Skiffle time YT

Freak a little more YT




We shall be free YT

Hurt me so YT




Brighter day YT

Naughty baby YT




If heaven YT

Smack dab YT